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The evolution of the iPod - from his first appearance for iPod video

Innovation technology latest and most popular iPod probably iPod video. Nevertheless, this innovative device is only the result of a long research history of production of iPod.

The advent of the iPod was due to a request for greater marketing: the lack of quality of digital music players was remarkably interested consumers as opposed to the growing number of digital devices such as cameras, camcorders and organizers. Because of this, a team of engineers established qualified Apple industries, which soon develop the mechanism and the design, the first iPod, what to be for less than one year technical and practical research. New and exciting product launch took place on 23 October 2001 and suddenly the market embraced the new product. Developments since the first iPod before, until the iPod video intensive and permanent research shows specialized engineers nearly 5 years was revealed. The next important step in the development of this device was iPod release 2 versions for Mac and Windows users, which highly increased turnover and the number of potential customers. In fact, iPod sold at a rate so high that the permanent improvement of leadership on the market hold was product a required application (rate sales registered more than 42 million units since the release of the product).

2005 Was revealed iPod new and better when he celebrated the fourth generation of these devices Introduced the new model for the first time color display. Announced in the spring of 2006 the company Samsung were you around media processor for a new model of iPod, provide an improved version of the Apple device. Shortly afterwards they iPods fifth generation introduced to play the video iPod, which means you have the ability to video playback, video and best features of the organization. The launch took place with the new innovative iPod models: iPod nano with color screen and iPod shuffle, the best seller of 2005 were.

The fifth generation iPod was to show many new features and leave the small device, all under the banner of the more... Basically the video iPod or iPod video was in the capacity of 30 GB and 60 GB models on the market available, he had the ability, MPEG-4 and. 264and much larger up to 480 / 480 resolution to play. Have a 16-bit color screen and able to display all type of videos on a television, the new product was a hit from its appearance. Reference to the design, the new iPod is like the previous iPod (4th generation Nano model) in 2 colors, black and white, but it has plenty of advanced features and applications: applications world clock, stopwatch and smaller screen, a listener, the latch, a thin, adapter package of CA and FireWire cable. On the dimensions of the new iPod is 4.1 x 2.4 x 0.43 inches for the 30 GB version and 4.1 x 2.4 x 0.55 inches for the 60 GB version (for the new model sold at the same price). Screen size has been changed to 2.5 (6.35 cm) diagonal, 0.5 inch (12.7 mm), which means that the video iPod screen larger than the previous. In addition, the product is thinner than the latest model, iPod nano and the life of of battery, which increased from 16 hours to 20 hours. A device for video, movies, is reduced about 2 to 3 hours battery life.

An innovative product in the market of digital devices with millions of customers around the world is iPod with exit and evolution of the history and sold more.

The design of the new iPod video

The design of the new iPod video is similar to previous editions, but is thinner and has a thinner generation. The design was not surprising as it looks like each other, but new features and improvements once were models the ones success. The dimension and the large capacity and features is surprising.

The new iPod video is approximately 10 percent thinner than the last generation of the iPod, with even greater capacity – he was iPod fourth generation has 30 or 60 GB, 20 GB and iPod video. The new iPod video LCD screen has a larger size: 2.5 inch QVGA resolution. You can watch a video while using the 65,000 colors that is possible thanks to the special quality and refinement of the design screen.

Reviews show the most amazing design of the new iPod video, Beaty, that easily caught the attention of every fan of iPod. Sharp and colorful screen is capable of the great charm can conquer this new element to increase and a heart.

Polycarbonate case is clearly using the special design which also acts as a protective case for iPod. Somehow, it is a classic design with each new entry to the modern trends and refuse to create a new look for the popular iPod. Perhaps this is the aspect continues to attract the customers of all ages, an option available for most tastes and preferences. The AR cases you can choose, taking into account account age, preference of color or other relevant characteristics.

The sleek design to great success and this is the new feature of the new iPod, compared to the previous editions of iPods. Only with the iPod nano and iPod generation V the hue of the interface a little changed, add a "brushed metal"-effect.

If you are not in love with the new features of the new video iPod, no denying the fact that its wonderful design. And from this point of the most successful handheld video device can be considered. Why is the new video iPod has no competitors and is on the list of Pocket video devices. This video of new generation device design is therefore very important. The design of the new iPod video rather than like the generations of today, but also specific lifestyle, which always on the move and almost always crashed.

Simple and elegant design can be seen most often mentioned the advantage of the new video iPod. Some other advantages mentioned may also in the category design include: clarity across the screen, style, fine line, great integration with iTunes. Elegant design is to draw as a sexy by some customers in their reviews, the fact older clients, language - young people.

Some other features of the iPod video design can be considered the high quality of image, Crystal screen, slim and stylish accessory and accessibility in the navigation system. Most mentioned often disadvantage of design for the iPod video tests just lined area is. Perhaps this aspect can be regarded as additional negative aspect of the quality of surface design.

The surprising aspect which is new video iPod design is complete waterproof protection offers. New housing said to offer great protection for iPod video screen from scratches and other potential hazards damage. Another special feature is the fact that with H2O Audio, headphone stand at a depth of 10 feet (3 meters) waterproof material.

There are also available flip leather case with special design that provides easy access to all necessary buttons while the iPod video inside the housing.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The aesthetics of the new iPod video

The iPod was one of the most innovative since its launch in 2001, and popular worldwide digital devices. Produced by a strong brand such as Apple, iPod became popular very quickly. The popularity of the iPod was due in addition to the practical benefits of the actual product the original forms of promotion and advertising of the company and thus the aesthetic qualities that your product from the design features on the packaging up to presents.

Since the appearance of the product on the market, that is, the first iPod in 2001, but not dramatically changed the design of the product; Nevertheless every iPod model came with new features, so the design and the package needed to meet these consumers adapt. To make the new device was the perfect proportioning the most important element that was from the creators. The new element would be easy in all sizes of bag are transported to one device, mighty and strong resemble. Also the need for a stable platform for controls and the fact that the device easily manage customers, cause that the optimization of the form and the perfect size. The result was a device that was to keep the correct size in the hand without difficulty and managed without effort. In five years of continuous research for the correct proportion for iPods, handed the device from model thickness, expressed in the second generation of iPods and nearly as thick iPod fourth generation for more symmetric models of the 1st and 3rd generation.

According to these rules the first generations of the iPod 4 managed keep the proportions of the rights that sound and later could allow optimal use photo functions (even so, the iPod nano too light and fragile applied). After the release of the fourth generation of iPods Apple ready is a new and more innovative iPod assumed that a function has the video also. At that time the main concern of the producers was the fact that the new features of the iPod and it had to because could enable good visibility and a bigger screen, ruined the perfect proportions of the iPod. As a result, the latest generation of iPods is the thinnest of all; Instead, the screen is larger, resulting videos look much better.

Since the original height and width of the iPod that remained same. However the corners of the new iPod video are sharper in comparison with the rounded edges from existing models. The Center button of the device remains marked flat, without any convex potions earlier models of iPods.

The new iPod video comes in two colors: black and white, that well adjusted the color of the package are black, and silver. This color (iPod nano colours are), the new device seems better and more refined. A chrome has Apple logo Black iPod, but the headphones are still white main body colors for both.

The iPod has constantly changed to the perfect size for conduct and music listening while you walk and sometimes dance to establish. IPod video presented with the addition of technical evolution obviously now allows watching videos on this small device, a new look with different proportions, adapted to the main application: good visibility. With a larger screen and slimmer look like the iPod video is a product with style and aesthetic, which slightly changes the image of the previous models still manages the brand features intact.

IPod and iPod video advertising campaigns

IPod is in addition to interesting technological developments, an original way and innovator of promotion and advertising, the video-iPod advertising latest in style and slogans of the first announcements of the first generation of iPods, is different.

The first campaigns focused on new product promoted brands that iPod and iTunes. This advertising campaigns were conducted published thousand songs of the slogan in your pocket in November 2001. The colors selected, were the first iPod campaigns quickly and fully from live: turquoise, cyclamen, bright green grass and other cheerful shades were chosen to represent the idea of music and video, what means the Visual and auditory sensations. Tight, advertising at with more traditional and use other types of advertising BTL: multiple wrapper light were rail in busy centers or Midtowns, with the same Visual message as a banner. Billboards and large banners in multiple centers filled with high visibility. The promotion was intense forward and dynamic with intensive and optimal quality for all items: colors were intense, large and dynamic real advertising were shown images. TV show focused on the idea of music, dance and mobility and the text is only on the product and brand Apple slogan (think clear) limited.

The new campaign, the Apple was introduced in 2003 due to the combination with the launch of the iTunes music store. The campaign focuses primarily on the interpretation of popular songs by different people, the wearing of iPods. This campaign was a great success due to the fact that it is based on the famous pop, rock and hip hop songs from artists such as Eminem and pink.

Later in the same year in October 2003 iPod launches a new series of map on the basis of the campaign of the silhouette that was the basis for most pressure as flags, posters and wrapper, ads even since the advent of the first generation of iPods: pictures were basically black silhouettes of people dancing with iPods. This new campaign was based on the same colors and images dynamically as the first campaign. Further, the success which was campaign due to the popularity of music as a walk for the vines, Caesars Alekseev made it out, Gorillaz 'feel good Inc. Kylie Walkie-Talkie, Jet man are you gonna be my girl with California, Saturday night Ozomatli, N * E propellerheads * rock star R * D (Jason Nevin mix), take me out, Franz Ferdinand or Daft Punk-technologic.

With the introduction of the new iPod video changed the image of the product and its promotion. The motto of the new product was something else... Which means that new and expected, video function that was a great more compared to the last model in 2005. This new product of ads focused on the video capabilities of the device. In fact the announcement appears original kind of Vertigo U2: live from Chicago DVD. Based on the same idea, there were two more videos with Eminem and Wynton Marsalis. So, at the same time, the announcement has been presenting the silhouette dancers continued, however changed in something more representative for the new video device: the funds were not simple colors with texture and had symbolizes different patterns of image development and characteristics of the new model of iPod video. 2 Versions of the videos look with popular artists 2 ranging between an orange urban theme blue jazz music hip-hop and a cool.

The latest iPod in March 2006 announcement started style not based on silhouette; Instead the producers decided for a video that shows several covers CD, an iPod nano with thousand old songs in your pocket to integrate into the same slogan.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Views on the video iPod

New iPod video has provoked many reactions, many critics consider the disadvantages of their utility, the quality and characteristics. These reviews are important, especially the fact that the new iPod video without a serious study of the market, the tastes of the customer and wishes started. Whereas this is a bold initiative and a big step in the development of video.

Reviews often point the astonishment and success on the new iPod video but also shows some aspects that can contribute to its improvement. For example, the great advantage of the iPod video to the TV Plug and play you videos in that is well received. But on the other hand, the fact that video iPod can connect to the team is seen as a disadvantage. It is iPod to computer transfer, and this fact a suggestion for designers and developers of iPod video not possible, may.

Some customers are in love with this device due to the possibility of watching TV programs Favorites and ABC hits such as "lost" and "desperate housewives" even on the street. The stress which may lose TV show or a relaxing movie be very unpleasant, especially in the difficult days at work. The ability to see an iPod video is an excellent idea. IPod video coincides with crazy lifestyle today can e-Mail check, find valuable time in other cities, mainly for people who travel a lot.

Satisfaction and welcome are comments important notes for the new iPod video as it really is a great product. Thin display has more features, better quality, longer duration and size, is much enjoyed. A small disadvantage compared to great new benefits, images, photos from the iPod video transfer to television to light, but very clear and pleasant.

Another big advantage is that customers can listen to music over 14 hours (depending on model). But surveys have shown that a disadvantage: the fact that video playback time is only 2 hours. Another disadvantage is the fact that overpriced iTunes since iTunes music store, but taking into account the great sound quality might be a big disadvantage. You can also set the equalizer for best sound quality.

Some other reviews highlight the fact that the quality of the screen is clearer and more clearly perhaps as more TV. This aspect can be coupled with the fact that the screen is bigger and better, while the screen is smaller and thinner.

Please attention to the fact that, as in other cases, there may be some default items for sale, but it can be changed within. Another disadvantage to complete the fact that video iPod can connect to the team works well with wireless FM transmitters. This problem can manage with cassette iPod adapter that would work well.

Apathy and freezing video images are other issues mentioned in the views of the user. Problems of hardware and the low quality of some songs may be other problems with the comments of the customers. These aspects seem to point out that this technology is not ripe enough, and the new video iPod from every viewpoint an experiment and a way to test the market.

Anyway, fact that the new iPod video has reduced dimensions and fit into any pocket. In addition the high resolution and high quality of the songs are exclusive benefits and are mentioned by customers with joy and satisfaction.

Advantages and disadvantages in the new iPod video

12. April 2005, the company Apple announced video next iPod. The product was a new feature of the device, reveal the video playback function means.

As each new element that appears in the market managed to iPod video, fans and critics at the same time. This is a new, innovative element that brought something different than the iPod, new iPod video began many debates in connection with their practical use, accessories, qualities and all kinds of technical, Visual and aesthetic properties.

Examinations explain so far the new iPod image quality is very good and even texts are obvious. However, the use of the new device is rather confusing. While some critics say that you revolutions the concept of the iPod, so far only audience and is not to see, others argue that it is not practical. Due to the fact that movies is required, a relaxing activity, a comfortable place and time seems to go iPod to promote the idea of the movies in the implementation or to do a different job. Also some people in the movie prefer to live a widescreen ahead in the theatre or at home. Therefore limited the idea of the iPod actually to view video clips or short episodes of comedy. In addition is the new model of iPod battery dies after 2 hours of play to stop not enough time for many movies,. However while online in the city or in the cockpit expected, iPod definitely the best way to spend time sitting during a long journey.

On the other hand, iPod is not all about movies or video playback. Also the battery thought works perfectly for only 2 hours when playing a movie continuously the estimated battery life is 20 hours (if we listen to music), 16 hours, which offered the latest model of iPods, this is a great advantage. Also the new video iPod larger screen of color play since the appearance of devices that can be used to video for a good visibility of the image and the text field 2001; The new iPod video provides thumbnail for full size photos from multiple cameras introduced. Other accessories plus is the protection for the most important that the device as a result was for iPod nano, which means the previous generation of these products comes easy to scratch. The hull is made of plastic in a pale shadow grey with visible seams and an inner surface along with made. Apart from the technical qualities and practical tests discuss the new look of the device, the elegant black and white colors and seems sharper.

The new model of iPod shows them without any popular companies trying to develop doubts and the Apple brand to the needs of consumers who are more pretentious. On this basis the new kind of iPods is expected, expanded with the new settings of video and accessories.

Friday, February 25, 2011

A video iPod options

The new iPod video, a suitable shirt pocket has many options and some of you are absolutely amazing. In addition to the usual options of the iPod: music player, voice recorder and Photo Viewer: the new video iPod has several options, the revolutionary some people or may be useless for others. These options make an iPod video first a video playlist, photos and music from the device device. For example, plays music videos programs TV including o a remarkable initiative - ABC hits like "Lost" and "desperate housewives". The popular Disney and Pixar shorts are available for iPod video.

The new iPod video is refined for interested customers features a nifty device. New video features are very well developed and a thinner iPod. The resolution is up to 320 x 240, fact which can be an advantage in an era of the other handheld video options. On the other hand, iPod video has better volume with no static or clipping accent at the maximum volume. You can also you iPod home or car stereo connect without worrying about the quality of sound.

Another option refers to the fact that the new iPod video a large color display. In addition, the screen is refined, as you can see the pictures in bright light in the House or in the light of the Sun. Another of believes that the 14 hours or even 20 may take the duration of the battery: depending on the model you choose.

Experts suggest the main use of video iPod, short videos, funny elements from life. The argument of that fact is iPod videos are too small seen are too many people at the same time and require more attention than the audio programs. A possible disadvantage is that many iPod videos can be used by teen porn videos, fact which can help to develop the adult industry, their programs and success.

Other options can instantly presented come to great success. Success does not guarantee, for the company and especially for this daring project without even disable certain evidence from the consumer market. Furthermore, the options on the enticing new iPod video may be for those, rather not mix that your mobile phone with video options. This aspect can be the next step in the evolution of the video, although there are many skeptical views about these new trends in the TV industry.

Another important aspect of the new iPod video is the fact that you can encode a DVD video options. Who can connect to a TV video iPod and some items may need to do this: iPod compatible video, a video capable iPod and an A / V cable. The following related skills in the right choices on your iPod video: Choose the video Setup menu and then adjust the style of the video playback you need. A further step concerns the specific TV signal to your country. Special information of considers that the way you connect red, yellow and white plugs RCA: red socket RCA TV yellow, yellow in white and Red RCA white plug.

From this moment you can select video-iPod movie, entertainment or music video you want to view. Select TV and after a progress bar on the iPod appeared, the video plays on TV. The volume can be controlled by the iPod volume control.

Other options regarding the photo show on the TV using the AV cable, the mention of the fact that very clearly d ' images perhaps something more than gloss Qu' other screens.

Video IPod sales

New iPod video sales are that no investigation has been lodged for the client on the market and your needs and requirements surprisingly well, keeping in mind.

A possible disadvantage can be made negative publicity sales. This negative publicity on susceptibility of screens easy to scratch the surface and other different characteristics. Sales are due to the large success among young people, busy people who travel a lot.

Show some of the research that the Amazon online store, rather than the success of the iPod video and advertising, most popular iPod model of nano. Sales are the expectations for the future and other shops from the popular iPod Nano. This high turnover could be due to the large storage capacity, video features and reasonable prices. From this perspective, a selection of users, you can do as the iPod Nano that user drags output of MP3. Therefore appeared a new trend and a new user profile account account sales for the new iPod video.

Another great sales point to the fact that the new iPod video a competitor for the TV industry, but more than one additional device. Although the classification of some TV shows or to download movies, the video iPod can also help, fame spread some movies or TV shows. Sales can trigger the modern urban life and the possibility that affect attitudes and needs of others. The fact that such television series episodes is the case of "lost" or "desperate housewives" for success and strong sales of the new edition of the iPod can have contributed.

Other sales grew as it developed from the new edition of the iPod and this is the case of iTunes music store. This kind of business you can buy episodes of the series, music videos and TV pictures. The co-evolution of two complementary services: video device in hand and special for him - store is a great success. The iPod online music store is best-selling and probably the best music video-online-shop. Increase may be due to the new set of available TV or TV shows of the famous TV channels.

Taking into account the fact that the iPod is the most successful player in the music, the best seller in the United States was easy to predict strong sales for the new edition, is even a video iPod. Rates were entered lower and lower cost players in the market in recent years, but the output of the Nano has increased prices. With the new iPod video has the price beyond the average sales price marginalized.

I.e. Why sales of 100 iPods per minute like not surprising at all, and 14 million sales in the first quarter of 2006 are not bad at all for these companies. Sales for iPod video can be uploaded, along with promoting worldwide popularity of this issue of iPod.

But Apple's video iPod sales doubled. Increase significantly due to the success of the new iPod video in some cases other types or editions of iPods. Maximize sales are due to the new features video, longer battery life, more and more space enough for a lot of music, music videos, TV shows and episodes and many photos on the photo album. These features and improvements that the new video iPod so popular and fashionable. These issues and others (possibility, your e-Mails, can find the time in other cities and other useful features) fit very good contemporary lifestyle.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Improvements of the new iPod video

New iPod video improvements concern not only the size but also the battery life, sound quality and see in the location, the favorite music videos and TV programs.

And on the outward appearance, this is the most handsome model perhaps one iPod even fact - a screen larger, thinner and about 45% less space than the original iPod can. The idea is less space and more features, and if it doesn't a human made object called the magic, the evolution. The two models of iPod video - 30 and 60 GB - are thinner and fashionable, attractive outer look to search.

The new iPod has further improvements particularly in the life of the battery, the joy and satisfaction was complete with five hours life more than before. This means that the new iPod 20 hours of battery life and taking the advantage of music videos, TV shows, cartoons, photos and other videos see, this is more than welcome.

Improvements related to the memory of the new iPod and the good news is that you can have album 15,000 songs in it and even a full up to 25,000 photos. The 2, 5-inch display is also very helpful while you see photos or videos. This allows to your favorite music with you and you have space for your favorite music videos, TV shows and cartoons. If one of the recent success of ABC as "lost fan" and "desperate housewives", you can also take as also with the new video iPod is possible. There are also for the new iPod for your children or your children happy some Disney and Pixar shorts.

Some other improvements of the quality of the evolution of the options and touch sensitive surface is the great achievement for the new iPod video. In this way have you can make the memory of music, video and photography easily accessible and can create a review for your favourite. Options for the play and pause, rewind and fast forward no longer a problem. You can start even slideshows with your favorite photos.

Also enjoy TV shows from the iTunes music store with over 2 million songs for all tastes and ages, 2,000 videos, ABC and Disney available. You can sync iPod to you and then with your Downlowd In addition you can see using the Special cables photos or videos on a television. There is another option for this activity - based universal dock and remote control can be used.

The source of endless joy and satisfaction for you can these incredible improvements on the road or in other situations if you need company. In addition you can also search for an e-Mail address, can the calendar of activities to consult to find out the time in another part of the country or the city in particular. These opportunities can conquer the hearts of everyone in this world, and therefore, the new video iPod will love a good choice for a gift for the can.

This special toy can age and every taste can be adjusted in each and the perfect gift for every Member of your family. Handy, nice design and great improvement can spend that don't like the source of endless joy to anyone who options time without activity. Spacious and bright screen sensitive touch interface, the longest battery life, the great amount of options and possibilities that the new iPod video the best iPod ever made. And there's still room for other important and interesting changes and that designers are open to any useful suggestions.

How to videos on your iPod video

IPod video is known as the latest generation of iPods, which surprises the market and sales of its appearance. This new device is basically play videos. This fun, part technical sufficiently some type of advice.

First of all should know to play the PSP and iPod h. 264 / MPEG-4 encoded video with AAC audio tracks. Because of this, the resolution is very limited, together with limit of sets of bits that can be used on the device. On the new iPod video, this limits the means (h. 264 video) up to 768 Kbit / S, 320 x 240 and 30 frames per second. The limits are up to 2.5 Mbps, 480 x 480 and the same 30 frames per second for MPEG-4 video. AAC audio bit rate is next set around 160 Kbps. limited, the next step is the origin of the video, establish, by a DVD or a video of the team can be.

In other words, the company Apple says in a purely informational announcement that published in the official website that the new iPod, save as you put it, the new video iPod, 15, 000, 25, 000 photos and not less than 150 hours of video.

To get a video from a DVD, the first thing you should do is insert the DVD into the device. Then should open (in the case of not immediately open itself) DVDs with file / open menu DVD. Verify that the options in the menu of the DVD everything configured meaning, language, subtitles, or chapter. Start playing the movie with menu to navigate. When the film opens, it should press the recording button and select the folder you want to store recorded files. If you want to stop recording, simply click the button stop and the recording goes well, there will be a confirmation screen correctly on your file.

If you want to convert iPod video from your computer to your video, is the first thing that you should do, go to the file menu and click video file open. To then adjusting video playing the video perfect time start the on-demand. You can also the perfect time set, start recording, using the playback controls below. This decided click on register and feel free to stop at any time. The record how the imported video from a DVD drive is a message on the screen saying that everything went successfully.

If respect of these principles, videos and movies on your iPod and it is carefully stored free, will be to see you at any time. Note also, you should be selective the fact that the iPod has limited space and resolution, which means, when deciding which maintain and what to remove. The new iPod video is a sophisticated and innovative product that combines music with images, offers the possibility of playing video in a small digital device for the first time.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Facts about the new iPod video

The newest member of the family of the iPod is everywhere. How people to understand of how this new device, the Apple company win more customers. Sales show so far, the video iPod is one of the best sellers of the series which began in 2001.

Some of the most important accessories offers the new iPod video is the universal clock, contact book and various games. From the latest model in 2004 iPod video brought a new role for photo storage. IPod offers now full size for these pictures thumbnails and even the more as a favorite, slide shows arranged can.

The dimensions of the latest iPod are larger, which include the latest model. This is attributed to the new iPod, other, watching videos or even full length movies, is designed for the iPod presents a larger screen colour (screen size changed to 2.5 (6.35 cm) diagonal, 0.5 inch (12.7 mm).) The screen is larger is a good thing, but the interface is easy to scratch, an aspect that is less favourable.

The new iPod has to other improvements particularly in battery life. With this extension which basically means that the new iPod 20 hours of battery life and see in the light of the benefit, music videos, TV shows, cartoons, photos and other videos, this aspect is very important. Another advantage is in the iTunes music store, more than 2 million songs for all tastes and ages, 2,000 videos, ABC and Disney TV shows available. Download is simple and direct can be performed. In addition to the Special cables downloaded files easily on TV to see. There is an alternative for this activity - based universal dock and remote control can be used. Other features are easy to control, video, but respect for the shortcomings of the interruption of sound between tracks is one thing about receiving criticism.

In the wait, the new iPod comes as previous iPod (4th generation Nano model) in 2 colors, black and white, but it has plenty of advanced features and applications: applications of the smaller screen, a handset locking, a thin adapter CA and FireWire cable package. On the dimensions of the new iPod is 4.1 x 2.4 x 0.43 inches for the 30 GB version and 4.1 x 2.4 x 0.55 inches for the 60 GB version (of iPod video for the new model are at the same price on the market).

The newest member of the iPod series surprised the market in several ways: the features of video with other features developed (compared with the model 2004) and developed the style and appearance and wide range of accessories, which together with the new video iPod are available. The evolution of the iPod a greater interest in continuous improvement presents this device, always taking into account the needs of buyers target. He hoped that the next generation developed by iPods more accessories and more with some changes to the configuration of video innovators.

Expectations of the new iPod video

The new iPod video seems to have met with great expectations and hopes. Audiophiles expect better sound quality, the concerned with photos for a larger memory capacity, video fans waited longer battery life. And the quality is the keyword for all these expectations.

Some of the groups of customers with different expectations get what you wanted, others are disappointed and other expectations of future editions of iPods. In many ways customers were surprised by the new iPod video and made many improvements over the previous editions. Previous generations of iPods had some drawbacks and maybe were aspects improved due to customer expectations.

The first aspect that has changed is the screen and its dimension. Then the screen quality, clarity and the number of colors is impressive. The screen dimensions are large enough to see that could easily happen favorite photos or favorite video, time. Another important aspect concerns to speak, the improvements of the iPods refers to the quality of the screen and the image as usual obstacles of light, sunny indoor or outdoor pool represents no problem ever again. The fact that the new iPod video memory seems so generous a bonus on the quality of images. There are several features to enable that is very useful the creation of presentations, the fact.

Battery life long video iPod is impressive, so hear the 30 GB music 14-15 hours. The 60 GB has almost 20 hours music. Unfortunately, another aspect of the life of the battery life for video playback has this big news. Battery life video playback is only 2 hours long duration or other larger programs to make films are not possible, due to the disability seen be. Some clients suggest that battery life is longer, given its large memory and probably these complaints are taken into account, to create new generations of iPods.

Another aspect is expected and he received with great joy is the huge memory. In this way the new iPod video only because of the other customers preferred this aspect of it. Digital pictures into iPod, allows classify to take in a photo album. The new iPod video 30 GB and 60 GB expected memory up to 15,000 songs and 25,000 photos. The possibility of holding the colorful album cover is a further advantages and the big news for art lovers. Customers have the option and verify digital video up to 150 hours.

All new features can meet all expectations and meet. Digital entertainment, the superior quality of sound, best MP3 domain technology, battery and huge storage are only some features that are worth noting.

Disappointment with the new iPod video may include earnings of expectations, the various categories of persons with different areas of concern. This aspect can help a great development of the portable video devices and can bring the variation in the market. The expression of new needs and requirements in the market for iPods can edit a new iPod video and the disappointment about the video features.

Even with many disappointments or disagreements with some features and quality of every aspect you are true, you can contribute to the development of future generations of iPods. Thus can meet all expectations and wishes and requirements.

All these improvements and new features are a great success and a new step in the development of new video devices with the possibility to see TV shows and hit series. The new iPod video meets the expectations of customers and the crazy rhythm of modern life hosting particularly busy life.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Critics on the new iPod video

The new iPod video has a variety of new qualities and among these, the most important is undoubtedly, video. As the market had a small, portable device published which basically games the new iPod video with some distrust of the critic was played, but also played videos. The iPod video is the first player video portable on the market as belonging to Sony device claims a portable number 1 in the world video player, but will be mainly used for playing video games. Anyway this new product sales results was surprisingly high to be a fact, who obviously just after the first half.

The biggest concern on the product was the fact that due to the small screen, people who are willing to see a serious movie were limited. Indeed, studies show that most people look real dear feeling film on a large screen as cinemas. Next, the new phone with a video that was so famous in Asia function was used to watch movies just for a few minutes, taking into account the fact that he is a small screen that could allow the capture of all quality movie details. Critics mentioned the fact that, while you are on a bus in a cabin or in line at each Office, iPod video with a small screen may be a good solution, afterall. This is due to the fact that this activity is a great snack or a big jump. The analysts mentioned on this basis, if Apple really wanted to hit the market opt to an iPod with a larger screen, eager customers would find movies for a long time in this device.

Another aspect that was heavily discussed was the fact that takes this new device battery life less than expected. The play station has portable battery that lasts up to 8 hours watching a movie, iPod video offers only 2 hours of battery life that is a great error when you try to watch a movie in this small digital device. Else attacked critics was the fact that the iPod it takes too long to download several movies. If for the PlayStation portable, this task is feasible in less than 3 hours to encode while QuickTime 7 Pro almost 12 hours took the video in an iPod friendly format.

New iPod video sales show that the public accepts and wants to play this new product with great interest, due to the fact that the music, pictures and movies play at the same time, a fact caching, multifunction device. Even if the new element appears, much criticism camisa Bolsillo iPod video, one of the most popular objects of today, young people like you use it to store and listen to thousands of music and other audio files directly from the Internet or DVDs, downloaded cameras and the files on your computer.

Comparison of portable play station with iPod video

The new iPod video was one of the most amazing products due to the fact that 2005 do not include iPods video from the beginning of the fifth generation iPods in the year 2006.

Even so, the natural comparison of the customers (and not only) station made portable game, was also known as PSP and the new model of iPod series. PSP is produced in 2004 primarily a gaming console by Sony computer entertainment company. Reactions the public on this new device, which was quite different than almost anything on the market was very good, because the small device allows to see famous clients games and clips.

Compare these two devices batteries or battery is rather longer than the iPod a fact which much took the PSP device. While playing a movie the iPod battery dies after almost 2 and a half hours, while the PSP battery lasts longer than 7 hours, which is a big advantage.

To compare audio quality, the fact that both devices have a good quality audio; offer, said anyway provided video iPod clearer as the play station portable sound. This is because the law is AAC audio audio on the video iPod file encoded. On the other hand, PSP seemed low sometimes, but in general the difference was not relevant and significant. 2 Devices video quality is worthy discussion and debate on a subject. It is known that the PSP has a much larger screen. In this case, advantage better image is not equal: iPod to show a very clear picture and clear and sharp text (even longer). On the other hand, when we talk about the difference in conversation video is an iPod video takes about 12 hours to encode video, while the play station only needs portable a little less than 3 hours to do the same.

Compare the two devices, it is obvious that have both advantages and shortcomings. Video quality better in the video iPod device seems, the PSP has a longer life of the battery and faster ways to encode video. The iPod is still a smaller device, so it's natural that some features rather than on the PSP are optimized. Next, because it is smaller than the iPod to carry much easier once and use. Studies showed that the fact that both elements are sold, especially during the holidays, i.e. the fact that clients use as an element of entertainment in both summer and winter holidays.

2 Devices, while similar to practical use in many ways have advantages and disadvantages and pre-and disadvantages. According to customer's needs and desires, you can choose what best your need, time or quality expectations.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The new iPod video functions

The functions of the new iPod video still old capabilities development process: hardware and software compatibility with other devices.

In the software, it is known that in general the iPod and iPod video in particular play protected MP3, audible audio book, WAV, AAC/M4A, AAC, AIFF, and Apple Lossless audio formats. Is the fifth generation iPods are another way to MPEG-4, m4v and mp4 video file formats to play. You can copy the unprotected WMA files copy on an iPod. Other formats are not possible from the iPod are played, and this is the case of FLAC and Ogg Vorbis formats.

In addition are iPods specifically for iTunes media library software match. This online music store was released 2003 and sold songs and only thought for iPod users and not for other portable music players. This may have contributed to the success of the iPod and iTunes music store and great development and improvements in the capabilities of the iPod.

The new iPod video software has new features: personalized recommendations and content can be played, iPod transfer to a PC or video. The software has been updated to version 6, fact that represents a development and other performance.

On the hardware of the iPod you can say that the first generation iPods only via FireWire with the help of a small power supply is reloading. The fourth generation iPods could USB has been raised. Fifth generation iPod can be inserted using the dock connector, allows loading the FireWire cable for reloading.

Carried out in 2002 he worked IPods with Windows compatibility that is Apple's idea to create a Windows version of iTunes in 2003. IPods with a Macintosh could be compatible, and there is also an iPodLinux project.

Additional features include in particular generally speak of iPods and iPod video. IPods can view text files, which is very useful. There are also PDA schedules, some games that have been some interesting years ago, but seem now obsolete. Games at almost all iPods except iPod shuffle are brick solo parachute music competition available. The most interesting game is proof of music, playing fragments of songs and the user to identify the song on a waiting list. The downside to this game is that it uses alot of battery power.

All these skills seem that iPod video except for making other games or the introduction of to improve. This may as a disadvantage but if, taking into account the fact that this is a portable music player of great importance.

Innovation is the ability of video, of course although stress the main features of new iPod in major improvements in the quality of image and sound. The video picture is surprisingly soft and thus the sceptical attitude with exclamations substitutes for joy.

It is, although not the first attempt, the most successful achievement seems to bring the video on a portable handheld device. This success is required by a lot of work and complex changes in the software and hardware, as well. In one way or another seems that Apple champion of the creation of special portable devices to be and maybe some others in the development of small portable video devices. In this way, special support can perhaps develop more device other periods to ensure success. Other online shops can appear and to develop in the tradition of the iTunes music store. Due to the company iPods guaranteed Apple legal content downloaded and paid music or performances of TV episodes or other materials.

Advantages and disadvantages of the iPod video

The new iPod video became famous due to its enormous storage and video playback capability, due to its sleek design and longer battery life. There are voices who point out some disadvantages and highlight different negative aspects.

Is there some perfect things man made by, can these aspects from the creators of video iPod for improvement be used. Customer comments are therefore very important and have suggestions in mind.

The fact that the screen is larger in size, but the surface is easy to scratch, look more into the category of the disadvantages. Although the picture is very good and clear screen can easily be compared to quality on the TV screen, there are still some problems with freezing of video images. It is a great success, light, Sun or other previous obstacles are destroyed, but another important problem is the apathy in some cases.

The new iPod video dimensions are great, but there is with it no way more than several people. Anyway, it was designed for the needs not collective and can share your preferences album and photo with a single video or music file. The apartment is large enough, enjoy your favorite videos.

Greater during battery life complaints about the short battery life for video. And this complaint can be balanced by the fact that video plays, with no default. New iPod video professionals apply fresh appearance, the sheer number of features, great organization of the music menu, so that you can sort your favorite songs. Disadvantages of the new iPod video are the lack of choice FM cradle is not included, the impossibility to connect your video iPod with your computer and the cost.

The amazing new features related to sound - quality is clearer and stronger with a bass that more articulated, the sound is also higher than previous generations. The other good features are easy to navigate, classified, but broken, break the sound between the tracks, hidden video with "big". There are other proposals relating to the duration of the battery with the amount of music that the new iPod video.

Professionals can be collected together, indicates, slim and attractive cabinet with a big screen, sound better, 15-20 hours of music, new clock and the time in other parts of the world. Cons include the incompleteness of the integration of video that the aspect of the pilot project suggests the absence of new play without changes to the interface, the smaller screen than expected video editing functions in particular. Another disadvantage concerns slow transfer photos directly from your camera.

Some critics point to the fact that the design and features of the new iPod video from different perspectives can be seen. Therefore, complaints and satisfaction can be contradictory. These aspects can be seen in a film perspective lover, a sound or a photographer, or even an individual consumer without expectations. It is therefore possible for the musician reviews, video reviews addicts that are at odds. You can decide, in which category can be decide whether the new iPod video money value or not.

From the point of view is that, as a music player, the new iPod video higher sound quality. As a photo gallery of display screen can win contest with any TV screen clarity. IPod as a movie player video below expectations, but can be used as a breakthrough in video technology.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Paying More For Most Everything

Today�s must read piece is the WSJ discussion of Inflation:
�The pace of consumer price increases in the U.S. is quickening after being dormant for months. But a tug of war between the prices of goods and the prices of services, playing out beneath the surface, could keep inflation from becoming the worry it is in China, Europe and many emerging markets.�
Prices rose 1.6% in January 2011 vs 2010 � the biggest increase in eight months. The key has been commodities � gasoline, cotton, wheat, coffee, and oil are all higher.
Labor, on the other hand is not. Wages are flat, unemployment is stubbornly high, and hence, prices for Services are flat to lower. That is keeping a lid on inflation.
Hence, the dueling deflation versus hyper-inflation commentaries:
�Soaring commodities costs world-wide are pushing up prices for many goods, while a slowly recuperating U.S. economy, soft housing market and a persistently high unemployment rate are holding down prices for U.S. services.

119. Goods prices were up 2.2% from a year earlier, paced by jumps in food and energy prices, according to the Labor Department�s January consumer-price index, and are rising faster than they did before the recession. But services prices were up only 1.2% from a year earlier, far below the 3.4% inflation rate registered for services between 2000 and 2008.

120. The opposing pull of prices for goods and services could have a big effect on the course of U.S. inflation. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is betting that rising prices for goods like gas and food will not spread into the broader economy. He and many private forecasters do not expect the U.S. to see the kind of rising inflation now plaguing China, India and other parts of the world.

121. Goods inflation has outstripped services inflation for long stretches since mid-2007, something that hadn�t happened since the 1970s. For most of the last 30 years, goods prices had been held down, in part, by cheap imports from low-wage countries like China. But recently, China and other developing markets have become huge consumers of commodities, which is putting upward pressure on American prices for many globally traded goods.�
Well worth reading in its entirety. Inflation must be managed carefully by governments and central banks. I fully expect this will continue to impact mortgage rates especially long term fixed jumbo loans. We have seen them move from 4.875%(best level ever) in the summer to about 5.50% now. 




Thursday, February 17, 2011

Housing Bubble: Winners, Losers and the Aftermath

Marketplace has a special report on the housing crisis through the lens of one house that fell into foreclosure. There is an interactive version of the story, and links to audio version and the companion 30-min documentary:
SoCal Connected and the acclaimed public radio show Marketplace have teamed up to take a tough look at the housing market crisis through one Los Angeles home. This special, reported by Marketplace�s Kai Ryssdal, traces the property from savvy investment boom to foreclosure bust and back again. We�ll meet the couple who bought the home low in 2002, improved it, and sold it four years later at almost triple the price; the couple who bought high and lost the home to foreclosure; and the couple who bought it this year at a fraction of the price it sold for in 2006.

126. The story of Lot 354 reflects the lending practices that contributed to the crisis in America�s housing market, how economic forces led to the housing crisis and what the future may hold for both buyers and sellers.